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California Car Credit works to help Californians get car loans! 

Our goal at California Car Credit is help credit challenged Californians get good cars at reasonable rates. We understand things happen that impact our customers daily lives that are beyond control. We believe a person is more than just a credit score. Our goal is to help as many customers as we can start back on the road to financial stability by providing car loans that work for our customers. 

Approving customers is our top priority

Must be a resident of California

Our Core Beliefs

  • All people have value, treat them with respect. People are more than a credit score.
  • Help others, it makes the world a better place. Our loans are designed to help you increase your credit score. 
  • A car in California is a necessity. 
  • Take time and care. Explain the details of the transaction. 
  • Nothing beats a California Sunset.